Spiritual Trips to India

We organise spiritual trips to India, opening doors of experience for you to discover other ways of understanding life and spirituality. In our Yoga and Meditation trips we want to give you that same space of growth and learning that India has given to us: “don't worry about anything, we take care of everything … devote yourself to live the experience and grow with what’s happening to you. "

Discover our two pilgrimages in India for this August 2018.

South India

South India spiritual trip. 1st - 15th August 2018. The spiritual masters route.

1st - 15th August 2018.

On this pilgrimage we will approach three of the most important spiritual teachers in South India:

Sri Ramana Maharsi, Sri Aurobindo and Amma.

Three different spiritual visions in search for the same goal:

The Self-realisation.


North India

North India spiritual trip. 17th - 31st August 2018. Pilgrimage for the three religions

16th - 30th August 2018

On this pilgrimage we will approach three of the most important religions of North India. Their rituals, their beliefs, spirituality, knowledge and their ways of understanding life;

Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism,

three colours in the spiritual palette of India. 


The dream at your fingertips

The dream of wanting to find the secret of life, the search for the Holy Grail, the source of freedom, knowledge and inner peace, has in many of us repeatedly come back throughout our lives.

India represents the myth of all this and much more. This trip, dreamed again and again is presented as the pretext for an internal journey and the Indian mother never disappoints us.

Here you can find a way to live your dream. We put it at your fingertips in our pilgrimages. The answers you get will always go with the questions you ask. Your experience will always be yours if you trust your internal guidance and formulate the right questions.

Your trip has already begun …

What our travelers say about us

Cristina Font

Cristina Font

The experience and wisdom of Milindias team, made it possible to connect with wise people hard to reach for travellers that inspired my life to this day.

Carla Solé

Carla Sole

Milindias is a journey of contrasts, a trip to open the heart. A pilgrimage, as Dani says, that envelops you in an immensity of internal and personal sensations.

Laura Beltrán

Laura Beltran

We have enjoyed, laughed, learned and experienced. On this trip you have the opportunity to make it yours, with experiences that we will carry in our hearts forever.

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